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    PLUS (People for Lakeview Union School) continues to fund whole-school field trips, family-based activities and other activities including kindergarten and sixth grade graduations.  Our mission is to create enriching opportunities and to foster family involvement in school.  Community input and new members are always welcome!

    The redeemable ‘bottle box’ at recycling continues to be a valuable income source for the group, averaging between $40 weekly to over $100 a week in the summer months. Only containers that list VT or Vermont deposit 5¢ (or VT 15¢ on liquor bottles) can be redeemed.   We are always glad to have help counting and sorting the bottles after recycling hours.  Please call the school if you would like to help   This is a great opportunity for high school kids working to get community service hours!

PLUS is working to emphasize fun, being active, community service and giving back. 

  • mission to our Fall Family dance – which was planned decorated and hosted by Lakeview student council members – was a non-perishable food item collected for the Hardwick Area Food Pantry.
  • For the second year (2012, 2013) Lakeview students will make and bake two loaves of bread at school and donate half of them (Life Skills Bread Baking Program® sponsored by King Arthur Flour) in December to the Food Pantry.  Students get to bring home one loaf for their family to enjoy. 
  • Staff Appreciation Day, May 2013 – each staff member was honored at a whole-school assembly; with a short pantomime for all to guess whom the staff member was, a positive poem or comment and a small gift/goody bag.  Students made bags, acted out all the mimes and a sixth grade student acted as emcee for the entire tribute.
  • A school-wide Field Day in June 2013 featured cooperative games inside and outside.
  • Family Movie Night, and Game Night are possible events in the planning stage only. 
  • Call the school at 533-7066 if you are interested in attending a meeting or helping PLUS help the school! 

We thank the community enormously for their continued support.

PLUS mission and vision:  To provide diversity in experiences within the classroom and outside the classroom, peer mentoring, student leadership, wellness for staff & students and community service.   

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