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Community members are encouraged to contribute to the annual principal evaluation process by completing this short anonymous survey. If you wish to comment on more than one principal, you will need to complete the survey more than once. Hazen Interim Principal and Associate Principal will not be evaluated. This survey will be available online until Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Paper copies are available in each school's main office .

OSSU Principal Survey

The Lakeview Union School Board site has extensive content. Link to Lakeview School Board pages

Lakeview Union School

189 Lauredon Avenue, Greensboro, VT 05841

PH: 802-533-7066 Fax: 802-533-2962

School Day: NEW ITEM!

School WILL be in Session Friday, March 23, with NOON dismissal

for Lakeview Union Students!

AM: Buses arrive 7:25. School day begins at 7:40 (after free Universal Breakfast).

PM: Students day ends at 2:55. Buses arrive at 3:00 PM.